Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Harry Singh’s Caribbean food at the State Fair is filled with Asian flavors and island spices  

by Phyllis Louise Harris

Among the corndogs, miniature donuts and things on a stick at the Minnesota State Fair you will find the wonderful food of Trinidad and Tobago at Harry Singh’s Caribbean Restaurant in the Food Building.

Now in his fifth year at the fair, Harry Singh offers the food of his homeland filled with Asian flavors developed since the mid-1800s when the British occupied the island and brought in workers from China and India. Combined with the island’s hot and spicy cuisine, the melding of these three cuisines has created the Caribbean dishes we have come to enjoy today.

At the fair Harry will be serving roti dhalpourie, jerk chicken, curry chicken, Jamaican jerk fries, Caribbean punch and ginger beer: all tastes of the island in the middle of America’s breadbasket.

They are just a few of the dishes Harry features year ‘round in his East Street restaurant at 2653 Nicollet Avenue South in Minneapolis. One of the favorites there is Harry’s version of chow mein with island flavors and a variety of vegetables depending on the season. Also Caribbean style Creole rice dishes, jerk pork or lamb and goat curry.

For a taste of the Caribbean plan to stop at Harry Singh’s in the Food Building at the fair or visit his restaurant on East Street after the fair.

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