Monday, September 30, 2013

And the EMMY® goes to… Asian Flavors for outstanding documentary-culture

by Phyllis Louise Harris
October 2013

On Saturday, September 28, the Midwest Region EMMY® awards show was held at the State Theater in downtown Minneapolis. There were three nominees in the documentary-culture category and the EMMY® was awarded to Asian Flavors.

Based on the book “Asian Flavors: Changing the Tastes of Minnesota since 1875,” the Asian Flavors television show included interviews with just a few of the people responsible for bringing the tastes of their homeland to Minnesota. Filled with historic photos and information, on-site food shots and anecdotes, the show was a tribute to the thousands of immigrants and their descendents from the Asian Pacific Rim who changed the flavor palette of Minnesota.

The show was produced and directed for TPT by Daniel Pierce Bergin, senior producer and partner manager at Twin Cities Public Television. It was a project created by the Asian Culinary Arts Institutes and produced by the Minnesota Historical Society Press. Underwriting for the show was provided by funding to the Minnesota Historical Society Press for special, non-production activities for the Asian Flavors project from the Clean Water Land & Legacy amendment, and by contributions from Leeann Chin, Inc., United Noodles, TeaSource, Chinese Heritage Foundation, Sawatdee, Dennis Christian, Theo A Park and Sherri Gebert Fuller in memory of Lucia Jane Wilson, David Fong’s Restaurant, Asian Foods, Sakura, David and Evelyn Lee.

The book/television project was four years in the making and I am happy to say the results have been most rewarding. Pick up a copy of the book or see the television show using the link below. They are just a glimpse at the story that will go on for years to come.


Read more about Asian food in Minnesota and try more than 160 recipes in Asian Flavors: Changing the Tastes of Minnesota since 1875, in bookstores and on
Buy online: 
Asian Flavors: Changing the Tastes of Minnesota since 1875 

Watch the EMMY® award winning “Asian Flavors” television show based on the book on tpt MN. Check local TV listings for broadcast times or view the show streaming online at

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