Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Asian Flavors: Changing the Tastes of Minnesota since 1875 now on television

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By Phyllis Louise Harris
May 2013

Asian Flavors the half-hour television show based on the book published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press premiered Sunday, May 26 on TPT’s MS channel at 7:00 p.m.  It brought to the screen eight of the seventy stories from the book with interviews, restaurant and home visits and discussions with just a few of the people who brought Asian flavors to Minnesota.

Directed by TPT’s Senior Producer and Partnership Manager Daniel Pierce Bergin and with major funding from the Minnesota Historical Society, the show is a colorful glimpse of the 138-year history of Asian food in Minnesota.  From the first Asian restaurant in 1883 that became John’s Place to the young Asian fusion chefs of today, the show traces the growth of Asian food in the state starting with Chinese and expanding to Japanese, Korean, Hmong, Thai, and more, until today there are 1100 Asian restaurants throughout the state.  In addition, there are thousands of home cooks who share their traditional dishes with friends and neighbors, bakeries, markets, farmers and food producers that bring to the state a multitude of Asian flavors and culinary traditions.

Additional funding for the show was provided by Leeann Chin, Inc., United Noodles, TeaSource, Chinese Heritage Foundation, Sawatdee, David Fong’s Restaurant, Asian Foods, Sakura, David and Evelyn Lee, and Dennis Christian, Theo A. Park and Sherri Gebert Fuller in memory of Lucia Jane Wilson.

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